AyeDee Studio Original Art Sale THIS WEEKEND!

Beginning Friday June 11th and lasting til Sunday at11:59pm MST, we will be offering a TON of original artwork for some crazy low prices on some, if not all of our listings! These listings include cover art, interior pages, random odds and ends, and some rarities! We’ll also be incentivizing our commission offerings too!

For any ORIGINAL ART purchase made during the event, your order will also include the exclusive Changeling Issue 1 Lineart Edition ONLY available during this sale!


Notti and Nyce / Changeling Goth Day Exclusives go LIVE at 12pm AZ Time! 24 HOUR SALE!!!

Happy Goth Day everybody!

To celebrate this joyously dark occasion, Counterpoint Comics and AyeDee Studio has teamed up to offer you our 2021 Goth Day Connecting Covers for Notti and Nyce #11 and Changeling #1!

Artwork by Anastasia Stillsmoking and Anthony Delaney!

Available as regular:

Goth Day 2021 Regular Edition Connecting Cover!

And Naughty Editions!

Goth Day 2021 Naughty Edition Connecting Cover!

These will be offered up for 24 HOURS ONLY starting at 12pm AZ time, and limited ONLY to quantities ordered!

In addition to our connecting cover, AyeDee Studio is also offering up The Changeling – Closeups Tall Lady Editions, AVAILABLE ONLY ON AYEDEESTUDIO.COM!

Artwork by Anthony Delaney!

Available in Regular:

The Changeling Closeups Tall Lady Cosplay Cover
The Changeling Closeups Tall Lady Cosplay Cover
The Changeling Closeups Tall Lady Cosplay Naughty Cover

These will be available in the following versions:

  • The Changeling – Closeups Tall Lady Cosplay Regular Edition (Limited to 25 Serially Numbered Copies): $20
  • The Changeling – Closeups Tall Lady Cosplay Naughty Edition (Limited to 25 Serially Numbered Copies): $25
  • The Changeling – Closeups Tall Lady Cosplay Naughty Lava Holofoil Edition (Limited to 15 Serially Numbered Copies): $50



Hey everyone!

Our beautiful Changeling – Pinups Valentine’s Day 2021 Editions go live at 8am AZ time featuring lovely cover artwork by Anastasia Stillsmoking! These are available in standard, holofoil and crystal fleck editions!

  • Standard Nice Edition (Ltd to 25) – $19.99
  • Standard Naughty Edition (Ltd to 25) – $24.99
  • Holofoil Nice Edition (Ltd to 14) – $29.99
  • Holofoil Naughty Edition (Ltd to 14) – $34.99
  • Crystal Fleck Virgin Nice Edition (Ltd to 10) – $39.99
  • Crystal Fleck Virgin Naughty Edition (Ltd to 10) – $44.99
Enjoy 10% off with coupon VALENTINE2021 at checkout!



The Changeling – Signature Foil Stamp Editions On Sale This Wednesday!

Hey everyone!

This Wednesday will see a crop of AyeDee Studio’s first batch of Foil-Stamped and Crystal Fleck books! We have never offered these before, and we are busting them out in style!

Presenting The Changeling – Signature Collector’s Edition Foil-Stamped Box Set! These will be serially numbered and limited to 25, with the first 10 reserved for the Collector’s Edition boxes! The rest will be able to be purchased as single books.

The set comes with issues 1-6 of The Changeling in this new deluxe presentation! Foil stamped covers, and 40pg interiors featuring bonus art and Lore of The Changeling Issue 1 included!

Signature Edition Box Set – $120
Each Single Issue – $30

These will go on sale Wednesday morning at 8am AZ time, so be sure to grab yours when they go live!


The Changeling Issue 6 is NOW LIVE in the shop!

Literal tears in my eyes. The longest road and the hardest journey I’ve ever undertaken as an artist was getting this book out. And now, for you early birds, I can say with the upmost pride and happiness…

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support!

Anastasia Stillsmoking and I really cooked up something beautiful we hope you all enjoy!
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The Changeling Issue 6 On Sale This Friday!

The Changeling Issue 6 On Sale
The Changeling Issue 6 On Sale

The Changeling Issue 6 goes on sale in the AyeDee Studio Shop THIS FRIDAY at Midnight AZ Time! All covers for the book will be available for purchase then!

Issue 6 features interior art by myself and Anastasia Stillsmoking, and covers by:

  • Alfred Trujillo
  • Cara Nicole
  • Marat Mychaels
  • Sam Sawyer
  • Dennis Willman
  • Scott ‘Doc’ Vaughn
  • Yolanda ‘Yoyo’ Ruiz
  • Mike DeBalfo
  • And of course, myself!

Also, join us This Saturday for our Issue 6 Facebook Live Sale from 1pm-2pm AZ Time as we broadcast from the AyeDee Studio Facebook Page! We will be offering up Issue 6 as well as other goodies from other issues, in addition to some sweetass giveaways!

The Changeling Issue 6 Cover Gallery
The Changeling Issue 6 Cover Gallery

Hope to see you there!


Wrapping Up Issue 6 Sketch Covers This Weekend!

Hey guys!

It’s been a productive weekend, as I managed to eke out all of the Sketch Covers for The Changeling Issue 6 Kickstarter! It’s also the first weekend I started doing live drawing, too!

Check it out, all 5+ hours of sketch cover creation!


Wrapping up the last Changeling Issue 6 Sketch Cover!

If you don’t wanna hear my incessant rambling, here’s a little playlist for ya https://open.spotify.com/playlist/45Vqwbp5Xc4Ae8jjHV7Zdn?si=TSaTorm7SfqPTum0msTojA

Posted by Antonio Dee on Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sketch Cover #5!

We’re wrapping up The Changeling Issue 6 in style and knocking out all the sketch covers for the campaign! Join us!

Posted by AyeDee Studio on Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sketch Cover 3 In PROGRESS!

Posted by Antonio Dee on Saturday, August 29, 2020

Fancy pants Sketch Cover Knockout Phase 1

Posted by AyeDee Studio on Saturday, August 29, 2020

Lookit me, one of the cool kids now!

Posted by Antonio Dee on Friday, August 28, 2020


Lore of The Changeling Issue 1 Is Now LIVE in the Shop!

I know I said September 1st these books would go on sale, but I couldn’t wait! Lore of The Changeling Issue 1 collector editions are now available to own at the AyeDee Studio Shop! Orders are being taken now, and books will ship the first week of September!


A Cover – Limited to 300 Copies; B Cover – Limited to 200 Copies; Rock N Roller Cover – Limited to 100 Copies! All covers are printed on a Pearl Linen stock, making these books truly beautiful to hold and collect! Get yours today!


The Changeling Issue 6 Kickstarter is Shipping out this week!

It’s been over 9 months, alot of frustration and alot of hard work, but The Changeling Issue 6 has crossed the finish line and is being packed and ready to ship on out this week!

Issue 6 saw a new addition to the creative team with Anastasia Stillsmoking taking over coloring duties for this issue, as well as new issues going forward.

The books were printed last week, and over 3/4 of the packages have been signed, bagged and boarded, combined and postage printed! As of this writing we are waiting on just one stretch goal item to arrive and these will finally hit the mail stream!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to finally get issue 6 into it’s backer’s hands! Everyone has been extremely patient, caring and understanding while I went through chemotherapy treatment and my work output slowed to a crawl. Thank you all tremendously! Can’t wait to post the update of the books being shipped out! We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief as we prepare for the next campaign!