The Changeling Issue 7 is Coming Soon to the shop!

The year long wait is almost over!!! The Changeling Issue 7 will be available here once Kickstarter shipments are COMPLETELY sent out! For now though, feel free to check out what's coming to the shop, and be sure to check back here for updates!

Browse Issue 7 Upcoming Products!

Demoncade Deluxe Gameplay

  • Different Demoncade Themes!

    The Changeling Demoncade comes available in 6 different skins, including this Double Dragon Homage by Dan Mendoza!

  • A New Beginning!

    AyeDee Studio's new shop allows for much more ease of use to get your favorite Changeling items, and allows for the ability to finance purchases over multiple payments!

  • Book Sets!

    First time reader? We offer different Changeling book sets so you can get in on the action either as a collector or as a casual reader!