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“Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.

– Song of Solomon 8:6

Anthony Delaney of AyeDee Studio
Anthony Delaney of AyeDee Studio

Hey there everybody! I am Anthony Delaney, and this here is AyeDee Studio.com (duh). I’m the artist that created all of the artwork that can be found here!

Art is a full time endeavor for me, both in my day job and as an artist burning the midnight oil. During the day, I run a printing company that caters to artists and creators, and helps them get their artistic creations out to the world. Seeing the work that they do inspires me tremendously to want to actually do something with myself and the art I make. I always tell everyone I sacrifice my social life to make this happen, and man, is that statement ever true. If I’m not working, I’m usually…working. On art. Or something.

I’ve been drawing and and staying creative since i was in the 3rd grade. It pretty much started when I used to make crappy comic books with an old school chum and handed them out to our classmates. It was more of an escape for me, since I had a bit of a not-so-great childhood. But hey, we all have, right? That’s since evolved into my own self-publishing effort known as Fate: Into the Lungs of Hell, which deals with literally having to go through Hell to be with the one you love. I hope to have it out here sooner than later.

An Irrational Thought 11x17 Art Print
An Irrational Thought

My inspiration for what I create comes primarily from the morbid and terrible things that happen in the world. I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of it growing up, and it is reflected in my artwork. This piece here, “An Irrational Thought” is about depression and how it can turn into a monster and ultimately consume you.  It’s an outlet for emotion, as well as a depiction of what I’m sure many of us go through. I have also created the Loudest Whispers Collection, which focuses on the hurt and tragedy that follows children who grew up in broken homes. Not all of my artwork follows such terrible things, but has roots in the morbid and macabre. For instance, I have a collection of artwork inspired by Tim Burton, and also plenty of fan art and original concepts.

The Crow 11x17 Art Print
The Crow

I sell my artwork online here,  and am often found at local art walks, conventions and art shows across Arizona and it’s neighboring states. I’m hoping to expand my reach, and get in front of many more faces across the country. I am thankful and grateful to each and every supporter and fan, who have all allowed me to do what I love for a living…or at least to moonlight doing it!

I love all kinds of music, and my favorite bands are Ween, Rammstein, Ghost, and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Plus, like a bajillion more. I’m a music snob. If I’m not creating or working, I don’t really know how to bide my time. Usually, I’ll just end up sleeping, or rarely visiting friends and family. I always love to make everyone smile, and try to do what I can to help my fellow man or wo-man. I love food (I’m fat), and good movies. Now before this turns into some eHarmony profile or something, I just want to thank you for taking the time to even read this. Please take a look at my work in my gallery, or if you want me to create something for you, I am always accepting commissions. If you see something you like, you can pick it up at my official store! I keep it updated the best I can. If you’d like to keep in touch, I’m on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Peace and Love,


All artwork created by Anthony Delaney of AyeDee Studio

The Changeling Shop


Page From The Changeling Issue 1

The Changeling  follows the story of a woman who woke up one day and realized the night before was filled with murder and mayhem, all caused by her own doing. This demoness comes alive every time she closes her eyes for sleep; a living embodiment of everyone’s nightmare. She struggles with having to feed the beast within her, all the while maintaining her humanity.

All Changeling products come shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity, and are available signed by Changeling creator Anthony Delaney at no extra charge!

AyeDee Studio Shop – Books



AyeDee Studio Shop – Prints

All artwork produced by AyeDee Studio measures 12.5″x12.5″, 11″x17″ or 5″x7″ in size! 5″x7″ artwork comes framed in a black frame with glass.  All options are available below for each product!




Can’t buy from me directly at shows? You can still pick up my artwork here from the AyeDee Studio Store! All prints are available on high quality Card Stock, and are available in various sizes and configurations. They come shipped in a poly bag and enclosed in a cardboard tube, or mailed flat if in a frame. Browse through our selection to find the ones you want! We accept Paypal and Credit Card as forms of payment!

Preorder the Changeling Issue 1 Today!!!

Hey everybody!

I’ve been working pretty hard the last couple months or so on my new book! And now, you can preorder the Changeling Issue 1! This book will be printed and ready to sell by the first week of May! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for that!

The Changeling Issue 1 Cover
The Changeling Issue 1 Cover

The Changeling  follows the story of a woman who woke up one day and realized the night before was filled with murder and mayhem, all caused by her own doing. This demoness comes alive every time she closes her eyes for sleep; a living embodiment of everyone’s nightmare. She struggles with having to feed the beast within her, all the while maintaining her humanity.

The Changeling is written and drawn by myself, including lettering, coloring, formatting, and even printing! This is an ongoing series, and is available now in comic book format. I’ll be selling them personally, and here on the website!

Take a look at a few pages from the book:


You can preorder the Changeling Issue 1 here:

Thank you all for the love and support!


Human Delight – Newest Artwork by Anthony!

Presenting Human Delight – Newest Artwork by Anthony!

Human Delight by Anthony Delaney
Human Delight by Anthony Delaney

Human Delight is the largest painted piece I’ve done to date! The canvas measures 24″x48″ and was created with Acrylic Paint, Prismacolor Markers and Paint Pens.

Human Delight was inspired by the story of Armin Meiwes, the Rohtemburg Cannibal. Back in March of 2001, Mr. Meiwes placed an ad online “looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.” Surprisingly, someone answered the call. The two had a brief love affair before…well…Mr. Meiwes ate him. He even served him his own body parts before he died!

Meiwes was arrested a year later for attempting the same thing. The police found parts of his first victim in a deep freezer during their investigation.

Fascinating read. Check out some of it here.

This piece will also be in my first gallery showing, as part of the Exotic Art Show hosted at the Alwun House! I’ll have more info in the coming days about this show, and where you can see this piece in person!


Lots of New Original Artwork Added to the Store!

It’s been a productive couple of months, and the result is a bunch of new original artwork!

In the month of October, I produced 22 original drawings as part of the #inktober challenge. However, my busy schedule kept me from being able to complete one for all 31 days of the month as the challenge required. Still, I am very happy with the results!

In addition to that challenge, I have new pieces out, including my Ghost – Pray for Babylon piece and my Journey Back From Oz painting! I do have prints of both of these, and will be listing the originals VERY soon!

With that said, I also decided to focus on creating smaller pieces, and have started doing 5″x7″ original paintings and framing them! My first three originals are now available! Here are some of my newest pieces:

Throughout the month, i will be adding alot more new prints and new original artwork! So be sure to check back often and hopefully you find something you like. You can find my original artwork here.

Thank you so much!


The Loudest Whispers Collection

I created the Loudest Whispers Collection as a result of being a child from a broken home.

Each piece in this collection reflects the turmoil, hurt and tragedy that follows the children who grow up in such conditions. I have quite a few mental hangups as a result of everything I have gone through growing up, and from trying to unsuccessfully break away from the stigma my past has all caused. It left me a broken soul. I can never adequately convey the depression and hurt or confusion I feel in the written word, or in conversation, and I feel deep shame for ever bringing it up to the ones I love most. If I can’t communicate that way, then I hope I can do so through the use of my art. Hence the name of this collection. Instead of whispering to myself about what I am going through, I can use my artwork to be my voice and tell a story.

I hope you enjoy these pieces. They reflect the extremes of hope, pain, hurt, and never giving up.


Danaerys Targaryen Finally Complete!

Danaerys Targaryen LP Size Art Print

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share with you my finished Danaerys Targaryen piece! I arrived late to the Game of Thrones party, but fell in love with the show since I started watching it. I have a few more pieces from the show in mind to start working on, but for now, please enjoy this one!

You can also get a print of it over at the AD Studio store!

Thanks so much for the love and support!

– Anthony

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Next Week!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con AdHey everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted on here. Been real busy with the day job, and have been steadily working on something either art-wise or printing-wise! A lot of work went into getting everything together for my fellow artists attending Phoenix Comicon this past weekend, and now I finally have a bit of time to recover and get some things updated that were long overdue! I’m on the wait list for that show, so I am hoping to be able to exhibit there one day. Now I am getting ready for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

I added my newest piece, Video Kid, to the store. I  also managed to sell out of my #hiptobesquare Art Book! I’m thrilled I managed to get all my copis of that book into other people’s hands!

The weather hasn’t been too kind to me lately in terms of selling outdoors, so the past few months have been a bit rough. However, next week is Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, and it should be a great time and I’m hoping I’ll do well! I’ll be sharing a booth (Booth #620) with the ever awesome Squee-Queen April Reyna! She’s such a dear friend who allowed me the opportunity to share her space with me.

We’ll also be traveling in style, as I managed to finally get a road-worthy vehicle! I acquired a 2008 GMC Envoy SUV, so the travel will be comfortable and accommodating for more than one person!

Make sure to stop by and see April and I next weekend, and pick up some art from us! Hope to see you there!



Artist and fan of the morbid, macabre, and musically inspired.