The Changeling – Signature Foil Stamp Editions On Sale This Wednesday!

Hey everyone!

This Wednesday will see a crop of AyeDee Studio’s first batch of Foil-Stamped and Crystal Fleck books! We have never offered these before, and we are busting them out in style!

Presenting The Changeling – Signature Collector’s Edition Foil-Stamped Box Set! These will be serially numbered and limited to 25, with the first 10 reserved for the Collector’s Edition boxes! The rest will be able to be purchased as single books.

The set comes with issues 1-6 of The Changeling in this new deluxe presentation! Foil stamped covers, and 40pg interiors featuring bonus art and Lore of The Changeling Issue 1 included!

Signature Edition Box Set – $120
Each Single Issue – $30

These will go on sale Wednesday morning at 8am AZ time, so be sure to grab yours when they go live!


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