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AyeDee Studio

The Changeling Issue 1 Mistress of the Dark Spooky Shops Cosplay Edition

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  • Standard Cover
  • 24 Pages, Full Color

This piece will be mailed to buyers Monday, October 10.
If you are attending the Spooky Shops Takes Over Jerome event this weekend, you can order and pickup at the event!

The Changeling Issue 1 follows the story of a woman who woke up one day and realized the night before was filled with murder and mayhem, all caused by her own doing. This demoness comes alive every time she closes her eyes for sleep; a living embodiment of everyone's nightmare. She struggles with having to feed the beast within her, all the while maintaining her humanity.

The Changeling is written and illustrated by Anthony Delaney! This is an ongoing series, and is available now in comic book format.

This book will come shipped in a bag and board, and protected inside of a sturdy Gemini box. Buyers will be notified as soon as they’re made available and when they ship.