The Changeling Issue 2

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A girl wakes up one day not as who she once was, but as a bloodthirsty demon who comes alive only when she falls asleep.

Her first night as this creature saw her kill an innocent child, and her death haunts her every waking hour for the past year.

The guilt of her uncontrollable murder spree and bloodlust forces her to select and choose her prey carefully; seeking out the undesirable and those who dare prey on the innocent. This helps her rationalize and justify her violent side.

She lives a nomad’s life; living from street to street, motel to motel. Miraculously, she keeps herself off the radar from the authorities. Her newfound demonic abilities allow her to easily slip from the scene of the crime, and offer them no suspect. But each gruesome death she causes brings her closer and closer to losing her humanity.

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