Changeling - Into The Lungs of Hell Kickstarter

The Changeling | Into The Lungs of Hell Kickstarter Launches August 29th!

With the success of the Changeling since it’s debut in June of last year, it’s finally time to make that big leap!

The Changeling – Into the Lungs of Hell Kickstarter Campaign launches 7PM MST JUDGMENT DAY, August 29, 2018!

This 64 page book is a collection of the first three issues of The Changeling, and features some bonus content as well!

Yolanda RuizMike DeBalfoDerrick Tipton and I will be providing exclusive covers and artwork for this book!

In addition, there will be more announcements coming before the launch, so stay tuned! Still plenty of rewards and incentives to work out, and I want to make this the best possible campaign for you!

Thank you all again for your support so far! Time to kick it up a notch!


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