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“Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away. “

 – Sephiroth

Video games can make for great symbolism. There’s good guys, bad guys, Mountain Dew, epic storytelling and more. My Video Kid piece depicts a child, down to his proverbial last half-heart, fighting the evils of the world (Represented by 3 popular video game villains of the ’90s; namely Bowser, Dr. Robotnik [or Eggman if your one of THOSE people 😉 ], and Sephiroth) the best he can as represented across multiple game consoles. All the rest have been fried in combat, and he is now down to his trusty Playstation 1.

I actually used one of the shelves in my office as the reference for the systems depicted in this painting. I have them all stacked up much in the same way they are in the image. I call it my video game graveyard, even though all of them work fine. I just never have time to play them anymore…

This piece was created with acrylic paint, paint pens, Prisma markers and Micron pens on a 30″x30″x.75″ canvas.

  • This is an original canvas painting, measuring 30″x30″x.75″. This canvas is spray-sealed for protection against handling and scratching, and will come shipped wrapped in a protective bag, and shipped in an appropriate shipping container for canvas art. Price Includes Shipping.
  • Image may vary in color on screen versus the print, depending on browser and monitor settings.

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