The Changeling Issue 4 Cara Nicole Cosplay B Edition


  • Cover Model: Cara Nicole
  • Cover Photographer: Alfred Trujillo
  • Cardstock Cover
  • Limited to 100 Copies
  • 24 Pages, Full Color

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The Changeling Issue 4 Cara Nicole Cosplay B Edition

Waking up in a mental institution, the Girl starts to finally rehabilitate her mind.

After a few months, a figure appearing as the first girl she killed enters her room, slowly revealing all of the memories the Girl worked to suppress. Driven mad and ultimately vulnerable, it is revealed that the little girl is the demon creature. She’s come back to reassume the Girl’s body by dismembering her and healing her by melding with her again. The demon creature takes control and swaps the Girl’s consciousness into the little girl’s body. It’s revealed that this is all a figment of the Girl’s imagination; proving she cannot escape the demon creature.

She wakes up in the rain, hungrier than ever, and out of control.

The Changeling is written and illustrated by Anthony Delaney! This is an ongoing series, and is available now in comic book format.

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