The Changeling Issue 4 Cara Nicole Cosplay A Edition


  • Card Stock Cover
  • 24 Pages, Full Color
  • Cover Model: Cara Nicole
  • Cover Photographer: Alfred Trujillo

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The Changeling Issue 4 Cara Nicole Cosplay A Edition

What would you do if you woke up one day with an insatiable blood thirst and a penchant for debauchery?

The Changeling Issue 4 finds the Girl wrestling for control of her mind and body against the creature inside of her. It becomes a high stakes struggle when innocent lives are added to the mix! Can the Girl minimize the body count the creature is stacking while behind the wheel of her body?

The Changeling is written and drawn by Anthony Delaney! This is an ongoing series, and is available now in comic book format.

Books will come shipped in a bag and board, and protected inside of a sturdy cardboard box. Buyers will be notified as soon as they’re made available and when they ship.

Cover Model: Cara Nicole. Cover Photographer: Alfred Trujillo

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