Not the Wings She Hoped For 11×17 Art Print


  • High Quality Print Available in 11×17
  • Printed on thick Card Stock

About this Product

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

– Winston Churchill

Not The Wings She Hoped For depicts a girl, crouched down in the prayer position, stuck with an array of knives that almost form the appearance of wings. Even with the fresh wounds in her, she still prays and holds on to that tranquility and security we all yearn for.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you pray, hope, wish or put good intentions and positivity in your head, life will always find a way to stab you in the back. We all can feel that way at times and lose hope. Life can be going great one minute, and the next you can bombarded with betrayal and sorrow.

I’ve dealt with this feeling so many times throughout my own life, much like so many may have. It even got to a point of predictability. If  I was doing great or on the receiving end of positive momentum, I knew that very soon, the pendulum would swing, and I’d be in store for something terrible.

Never give up.

  • This piece is printed on high quality, thick matte Card Stock, and is available as an 11″x17″ Print. It comes shipped in a poly bag and carefully packaged flat in a cardboard box.
  • Image may vary in color on screen versus the print, depending on browser and monitor settings.
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