The Journey Back From Oz 11×17 Art Print


  • High Quality Art Print
  • Printed on thick matte Card Stock

About this Product

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”

–¬†Dorothy Gale; The Wizard of Oz

Was it all really a dream? Where does fantasy and reality separate itself? Did Dorothy really take a trip to the magical land of Oz?

The original piece was created¬†with Prismacolor markers, and finished off with both acrylic AND oil paint, gel pens and paint markers, to give it the look it has here. It was created on a 20″x20″ canvas.

Dorothy stands outside of her house during the storm that took her far away from home; with reminders of her trip bestowed upon her in toy form from Glinda, the Good Witch. There’s no place like home.

  • This piece is printed on high quality, thick matte Card Stock, and is available as an 11″x17″ Print. It comes shipped in a poly bag and carefully packaged flat in a cardboard box.
  • Image may vary in color on screen versus the print, depending on browser and monitor settings.
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