If Only I Could Look Into Your Eyes Again 11×17 Art Print


  • High Quality Print Available in 11×17
  • Printed on thick Card Stock

About this Product

“The game of life is hard to play;
I’m gonna lose it anyway.
The losing card I’ll someday lay;
So this is all I have to say.”

– Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel

If Only I Could Look Into Your Eyes Again was inspired by the death of someone that was so close to me many years ago. Her death still affects me to this day. It has caused issues with me getting closer to people,  constant anxiety and fear that I will easily lose the ones closest to me. It makes me cherish  the ones I love that much more. Her death was a deep scar I’ll live with til I die, and this piece personifies that.

Though she didn’t die as a suicide victim, I pondered what would happen to a suicide victim if they were to be denied access to the Gates of Heaven. Not just the immediate denial, but what happens to that soul after time has passed on. To me, the idea of Purgatory is really just being outside the gates, forever unable to get in.

The girl in this piece has taken her life, and has been denied entry. Eventually, she  is reunited with her love in Purgatory after he takes his life in similar fashion. They’re just two kids who never had a chance to make it into Heaven. Even though they do not get to live in eternity in Paradise, they live alone in the darkness, together with only each other. Painting this piece really made me question what Paradise really is. My perception is it being with who you love, no matter how bleak and dark the world can be.

  • This piece is printed on high quality, thick matte Card Stock, and is available as an 11″x17″ Print. It comes shipped in a poly bag and carefully packaged flat in a cardboard box.
  • Image may vary in color on screen versus the print, depending on browser and monitor settings.
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