Alice and the Cheshire Cat 11×17 Art Print


  • High Quality Print Available in 11×17
  • Printed on thick Card Stock

About this Product

“How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.”

– Alice; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I created my Alice and the Cheshire Cat piece during the beginnings of a bout of depression. Decided to take a trip down the rabbit hole, so to speak and put my focus and energy into something ambitious. Over the course of a week, I knocked this one out, and tried different techniques with my supplies. The original piece is actually heavy on Prismacolor markers, and finished off with both acrylic AND oil paint, gel pens and paint markers, to give it the look it has here. It was created on a 20″x20″ canvas.

Alice sits in a mushroom field, drinking her tea when the Cheshire Cat decides to pay her a visit, and also get scratches behind his ear 🙂

  • This piece is printed on high quality, thick matte Card Stock, and is available as an 11″x17″ Print. It comes shipped in a poly bag and carefully packaged flat in a cardboard box.
  • Image may vary in color on screen versus the print, depending on browser and monitor settings.
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