Tales From The Changeling Homage Cover is LIVE!

The Changeling Issue 1 Homage Edition
The Changeling Issue 1 Homage Edition

Tales from the Crypt was my all time favorite show when I was a kid. I later was able to snag a few copies of the old EC Comics way back when, although they were in terrible condition. The irony and twists from each episode/story hit home to me in terms of how I would love to tell a story. Tales from the Crypt has a major influence on The Changeling, and my ideas for where I’m taking the story!
I plan on doing at least one homage cover for each issue of my book. he ASM300 homage was for issue 2, so naturally I needed one for issue 1!

So here it is! My Tales From The Changeling Issue 1 Homage Cover! This will be available for sale Monday on my site for $10! 50 copies available!

Be sure to get yourself a copy!


Thank You To Everyone For An Amazing Month!

The last 30 days have been the strongest of my art career, without a doubt. AZEventureCon was certainly a shot in the arm for myself and the AyeDee Studio brand!

The Book signing on Saturday of the event was packed! I got to sign all of my Lady Death Necromancer covers, and the book was a legit sell out! Thank you SO much to everyone who picked up a copy! Also have to give a HUGE thanks to Brian & Francisca Pulido and the Coffin Comics crew for the rock star treatment, and giving me an incredible opportunity!

That rub definitely pushed things into high gear, as I have had a nonstop commission list since that show! It has been really awesome finding a crowd so receptive to The Changeling, as well as my artwork!

Books have been selling like crazy, and I decided to offer up something I never considered doing, but very grateful for doing so. I did an homage cover! The Changeling Issue 2 Homage Edition so far has been my biggest and fastest seller of any of my covers to date! I just shipped out a batch a few days ago, and still have about 5 copies left! So if you want to order one, no time like the present!

I’ve been humbled and honored at the growth this past month, and hope to keep the momentum going! I have some rad ideas in the works, and I will be starting on issue 3 soon.

Thank you all for your continued support! You rock!


Preorder the Changeling Issue 1 Today!!!

Hey everybody!

I’ve been working pretty hard the last couple months or so on my new book! And now, you can preorder the Changeling Issue 1! This book will be printed and ready to sell by the first week of May! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for that!

The Changeling Issue 1 Cover
The Changeling Issue 1 Cover

The Changeling  follows the story of a woman who woke up one day and realized the night before was filled with murder and mayhem, all caused by her own doing. This demoness comes alive every time she closes her eyes for sleep; a living embodiment of everyone’s nightmare. She struggles with having to feed the beast within her, all the while maintaining her humanity.

The Changeling is written and drawn by myself, including lettering, coloring, formatting, and even printing! This is an ongoing series, and is available now in comic book format. I’ll be selling them personally, and here on the website!

Take a look at a few pages from the book:


You can preorder the Changeling Issue 1 here:

Thank you all for the love and support!


Welcome to Ayedee Studio!

Anthony Delaney of AyeDee Studio
Anthony Delaney of AyeDee Studio

Welcome to AyeDeeStudio.com! My name’s Anthony Delaney and I am an up and coming comic book creator and artist! I have been drawing since I was a kid, and in the last few years I have really been pushing to get my work out to a much larger audience.

My current project is my creator-owned series The Changeling. This series is written, drawn, colored, lettered and even printed by me! The story is about a girl who struggles between humanity and her newfound penchant for blood after she wakes up one night as a demon with no recollection of her past.

In addition to The Changeling, I also paint, draw and create my own work! I create original concepts, as well as fan art! My methods of composition usually include hand drawn work that is digitally colored in Photoshop, or acrylic paint on canvas. I try to be as versatile as possible, and am always trying to learn new techniques and educate myself as I go! My art style is dark and creepy, but with a hint of cuteness to counterbalance. My storytelling style lends credit to The Twilight Zone, Clive Barker, and visceral, unflinching relentlessness in terms of subject matter. I like telling stories that make you think, and actually cause the viewer to react in one form or another.

I started a Patreon page to try to connect better with my existing fans and supporters, and hopefully pick up more along the way! I also want to give my artist endeavors a bit more of a structure than they currently have. With your help, I can certainly make that happen! Rewards for signing up for my Patreon page can be used here to shop and save from 10%-40% off the prices listed!

Check out my Shop here, and be sure to sign up for my Patreon below to get better connected! Thank you so much!


Become a Patron!

Here are some of the different covers of my book The Changeling!

Here are some of my paintings done with acrylic on canvas!

Here are some hand drawn and digitally colored pieces of mine!

Here are some more of my paintings done with acrylic on canvas!

Here are some “Work In Progress” pictures, which document the steps I took in finishing my paintings!

If you support my Patreon, you can get sneak peeks, first announcements, analysis, and even savings on all of these listed above!

Q: How do I use my 10%, 25% or 40% off discount codes at AyeDeeStudio.com?
A: The discount code will be provided to you within a day of joining onto the tier with the discount options available. The discount code can be used as many times as you’d like, and is only usable at ayedeestudio.com. Discount code is valid for the length of your Patreon membership on my page.

Q: How do you ship your rewards?

A: All rewards are shipped flat, wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve, wrapped in cardboard, then packed sturdily in a shipping box. All rewards are shipped via standard delivery, and postage is also covered in the cost of your membership.

Q: Is your Behind the Scenes content only available here?
A: Yes it is! In addition to what I post on social media, I will also have content ONLY available here on Patreon to my subscribers! You also get a first look at everything I create before the finished product is released!

Q: What is the money I contribute go to?
A: Every dollar spent goes to supporting my artwork, and into AyeDee Studio. You help fund my art career! This includes buying art supplies, tax stuff, printing, website and social media administration, and travel expenses. I intend to do more art shows than I currently do now, and need your help to make that happen!

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Lui Lineart

So I decided to start a newsletter to help share more about my artwork and the stories behind it!

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I have a problem reaching out to people through social media. I have a limited appearance schedule, and want to be able to tell the stories to my fans I want to tell about the meaning behind my work, and the direction I want to take everything as an artist. I want to showcase my inspiration and what drives me to keep doing what I do. This newsletter will be the best outlet for that!

I’ll be offering INSANE deals on prints, original artwork, and pieces that will be exclusive to AyeDee Studio Newsletter subscribers only. So sign up today!

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Custom Art Commissions!

I am always available to do commissions! Pieces can take two weeks on average to deliver, depending on the level of detail in the request, and my current workload. All artwork is done on professional art paper or canvas with professional supplies.

Commission information is as follows:

Shipping is not included in the commission price.

If you have a commission request or have any questions, contact me at ad@ayedeestudio.com and I can get started on your project immediately!



Upcoming Events and Appearances

Catch AyeDee Studio in person at one of these upcoming events!

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Use this calendar to check in and find your next opportunity to pick up some original artwork, prints or commissions, and meet me, Anthony D.,  the artist behind AD Studio at any of my upcoming events! This calendar will be updated as frequently as possible as new shows are added.

So make sure to check back soon and see where I’ll be!

Welcome to the World!

Well…as you’ll see in the archives there were a few welcome posts before this, but that’s just because I was trying this thing out, and it dragged on a bit longer than expected.

So i suppose this is the official WELCOME TO MY FUCKING WEBSITE!!! Sorry, I had to yell that out loud, because really, I’ve been drawing my whole life, and put forward some real effort ever since I made it a full time thing in 2007, and I’ve never really had an official…anything. I don’t think Facebook counts, either. I never branded myself, or put forward that effort.

But now, I got a place where I can actually post some new art, keep everyone up to speed on the book I’m working on, called (if you haven’t heard already) Fate: Into the Lungs of Hell! It’s so awesome, Dave Mustaine named one of his songs after it!

Totally kidding, of course. But damn, that song is rather epic. When I left off on the last volume of Fate I was working on, the story just seemed to fit that phrase so well I had to pay a tribute to it. And that’s one thing you’ll see with my new book. I’m heavily influenced by music. And I can wholly admit I listen to a lot of crap, but the really good stuff I listen to far outweighs it. Anyways, you’ll see the influence in the upcoming pages of my book, in the lyrics, the motivation, and the inspiration behind some of the traumatic scenes that lie within. Most of the book is based on real life events that I, myself and some older friends have gone through in our lives. I look at the book as therapy in a way, and hope I can tell a good story that you all could relate to or even cherish. Plus on here I won’t just share my art and whatnot, I’ll also share and divulge the inspirations behind what it is that I do.

My shop is live, and ready to go! I’ll be updating it frequently with new prints and other items, so please make sure to check back often! I’m currently accepting commissions as well if you are interested. And if you can (if you haven’t already), please like my Facebook page!

I’m so excited to be back in this, and have so many of you to thank, but for now, I’ll bid adieu.

Thanks for checking out my small piece of the world here! I love you all.


11x17 Art Print

Welcome to AD Studio!

Welcome, everyone to my first ever website, A(ye)D(ee)Studio.com! I’m currently building everything right now, but will be launching this soon. That is, if any of you were fortunate to find this site all on your own.

Random segue, here’s the cover for my newest book, Fate: Into the Lungs of Hell. I will have plenty of time to discuss this as well as many other projects I’m working on.


FATE ITLOF Front Cover