Thank You!!!

Thank You To Everyone For An Amazing Month!

The last 30 days have been the strongest of my art career, without a doubt. AZEventureCon was certainly a shot in the arm for myself and the AyeDee Studio brand!

The Book signing on Saturday of the event was packed! I got to sign all of my Lady Death Necromancer covers, and the book was a legit sell out! Thank you SO much to everyone who picked up a copy! Also have to give a HUGE thanks to Brian & Francisca Pulido and the Coffin Comics crew for the rock star treatment, and giving me an incredible opportunity!

That rub definitely pushed things into high gear, as I have had a nonstop commission list since that show! It has been really awesome finding a crowd so receptive to The Changeling, as well as my artwork!

Books have been selling like crazy, and I decided to offer up something I never considered doing, but very grateful for doing so. I did an homage cover! The Changeling Issue 2 Homage Edition so far has been my biggest and fastest seller of any of my covers to date! I just shipped out a batch a few days ago, and still have about 5 copies left! So if you want to order one, no time like the present!

I’ve been humbled and honored at the growth this past month, and hope to keep the momentum going! I have some rad ideas in the works, and I will be starting on issue 3 soon.

Thank you all for your continued support! You rock!

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3 thoughts on “Thank You To Everyone For An Amazing Month!”

  1. Met you last year at Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas and was wondering how things were going. Came across your website and am so happy to see how things are progressing! Congratulations! You deserve it!

    1. Thanks, so much, Jacquie! Been a busy year! Got issue 3 coming out soon, so please be sure to check back on things and say hello! Don’t be a stranger!

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