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AndromeDahmeRadio Episode 1 is NOW available!

AndromeDahmer Episode 1 Album Art RGB

Episode 1 of AndromeDahmeRadio is live! Check out our top 5 playlist featuring the bands tagged below, as well as a hilarious interview with Dave Mustaine!

Listen either on Soundcloud or on Youtube below!

[soundcloud id=’218710873′]

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AndromeDahmeRadio Available on Tuesday!

AndromeDahmeradio Episode 1 Promo RGB
Pirate Radio has a new voice: ANDROMEDAHMER!

That’s right! Check out Episode 1 of AndromeDahmeRadio as it will be available for streaming and download on Tuesday! We’ll be playing some amazing music, and our first guest will be the legendary Dave Mustaine of Megadeth! WHAAAAT???

Check it out Tuesday right back here at AD Studio!

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AndromeDahmer Has A Message For Her New Fans…


Andromedahmer Mosaic AD RGB



Prints available in the AD Studio Shop Monday, August 3, 2015

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Introducing Cirice, Musical Prodigy and Zombie Queen!

PrintCirice has mastered many instruments in her lifetime as part of her family’s traveling musical supergroup, (her father was rumored to have played with Jimmy Page right after leaving the Yardbirds, and his influence on Page led to his fascination with the occult, and the infamous “ZoSo” imagery), but has found her true love on guitar. Continue reading Introducing Cirice, Musical Prodigy and Zombie Queen!

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Introducing Evangelista, Drummer and Pulsator of Life!

Andromedahmer Mosaic Evangelista RGBWielding drumsticks made from the Cross of Christ, Evangelista lays down a heavy beat during each performance with Chicas De Los Muertos. Continue reading Introducing Evangelista, Drummer and Pulsator of Life!

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Introducing Stefani, Debutant and Seductress!

Andromedahmer Mosaic Stefani RGBStefani is the soulful accompanying vocalist for the Chicas De Los Muertos. With a voice etched between Continue reading Introducing Stefani, Debutant and Seductress!

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Introducing Cecilia, Freespirit and Cutthroat!


Introducing the first of the Chicas De Los Muertos series: Cecilia!

Continue reading Introducing Cecilia, Freespirit and Cutthroat!

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New Stuff! First Friday! Missed Y’all!

Rammstein AND Burlesque Harley Quinn now available in the shop!

Well…October’s been one hell of a busy month. Missed you all. I’ve been rather busy making some significant changes in my life this past month and to be honest, it’s been very draining. However, October was still a fantastic month!

October was my first month exhibiting my own stuff at First Friday, and had a fantastic time doing so! Always great hanging out with Dirty Teacup Designs and giving her a hand at all these shows, but she’s got this whole thing so under control at this point it’s great to know she can do this on her own, and I can branch off and kick ass selling my own stuff now! I also have to extend a MAJOR thank you to Bianca Thompson for getting me into the show! I love that girl! She’s awesome!

I also had a great time with Second Friday in Downtown Mesa as well. Now that the Light Rail construction is starting to die off, more and more people are making it out to this show again! For it being a Halloween themed month, I sure hope my stuff fit the mold. It made me very happy my Music-Inspired pieces are being received as well as they are.

Speaking of Music Themed pieces, I now have my Rammstein piece available in the shop! Grab your copy here! And in addition to this, I have finished my Burlesque Harley Quinn, which you can pick up here! Both $10 each!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and if you’re in the Phoenix Area, come see me at Revolver Records for First Friday from 6pm-10pm! I’ll have these prints on hand too, so come say hi, and grab a copy!



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