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Introducing Evangelista, Drummer and Pulsator of Life!

Andromedahmer Mosaic Evangelista RGBWielding drumsticks made from the Cross of Christ, Evangelista lays down a heavy beat during each performance with Chicas De Los Muertos. Continue reading Introducing Evangelista, Drummer and Pulsator of Life!

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Upcoming Events and Appearances

Catch AyeDee Studio in person at one of these upcoming events!

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Use this calendar to check in and find your next opportunity to pick up some original artwork, prints or commissions, and meet me, Anthony D.,  the artist behind AD Studio at any of my upcoming events! This calendar will be updated as frequently as possible as new shows are added.

So make sure to check back soon and see where I’ll be!

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AD Studio at First Friday!

We’ve been a bit busy this past week to have announced this, but AD Studio will be making our First Friday debut this Friday at Revolver Records Arizona in downtown Phoenix!

We’ll be joining an awesome list of talent for the show, including Dirty Teacup Designs, Bianca Thompson, Jeff Pina, JP Manzanares and more!

We will also be doing 3 for $20 specials on all of our 11×17 Prints!

Hope to see you this Friday!


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Marilyn Manson – On Sale Now!

Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar!

MM On Sale Now

This image is styled after Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar era. which is a personal all time favorite album of mine, and a great source of inspiration in my self-expression as an artist. The lyrics overlaying the image are taken from the final song on the album, “The Man That You Fear”. The print itself is on high quality cardstock and comes shipped in a protective sleeve and durable packaging to prevent damage.


Get yours here!

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Second Friday – 9/13/14 in Downtown Mesa

Well, to say last night was quite the pleasant surprise! I took a break from drawing and selling this past year to make myself more available for my friends, and to help apply whatever knowledge I picked up along the way to their artistic endeavors. Meghan of Dirty Teacup Designs was one I helped with, and it’s been an eye-opening and wonderful experience working with her. Because of her successes now, I’m no longer needed in the capacity I was in previously, and she’s been the big push for me to get back into this again.

Art depressed me. Mainly my own. I saw myself as a failure, and I couldn’t get past that. But overtime I regained my self worth and it culminated last night at my first public show in over a year!

I went in last night with the mindset that if I sold one thing, ONE THING, to me it would have been a resounding success. Last night, I far surpassed my own expectations, and any other shows I’ve done before at this event!

I managed to build one of the nicest displays I’ve ever built to display my artwork, and with the amount of prints, the signage, and the overt simplicity, I feel it was a decent attraction for a quick thing I threw together in about 45 minutes the night before! It worked beautifully.

My friend Ruben dropped by with his awesome wife Simeon to hang out last night with myself and my table neighbor, Meghan! All of my closest friends live about 20-30 miles away from my area, so for them to make it out and hang out with us and pick up a sketchbook was truly wonderful. I don’t see my friends nowhere near enough as I’d like to, so things like this mean the world to me!

Another awesome lady and AD Studio fan, Erika came out and picked up a Poison Ivy print too! Granted, she called all my artwork “crap” last night (kidding, of course! Or at least I hope so 0_o), she’s quite fun to hang out with when she comes out!

Meeting new fans and talking about my new book coming out to them was an incredible feeling too. Part of my falling out last year was the fact that all this artwork I was creating didn’t have a purpose, or direction. Each piece was just mindless filler until something legitimate came along. Having my new book coming out gives my art that purpose, and that direction, at least I hope it does. I’m more confident in what I sell now, because it’s just that much more diverse now. Fate: Into the Lungs of Hell has given me back my edge, and with each page I complete, it’s one step closer to revealing to the world the most ambitious thing I’ve ever worked on. So to share that with a new fan base means everything to me.

Selling next to Dirty Teacup Designs last night made me realize how much of a difference a year makes. I remember that first show we did together, where I just had a bunch of random prints and no aesthetically pleasing setup, and she just had, like 2 prints and some really awesome hair bows. I think we made gas money that night. So last night, looking through the bars  next to my table of this huge rack setup of hers that it, in of itself can’t even hold the complete amount of work she’s created within that year kind of hit me last night. It was a full circle moment. I’m a reborn artist with a purpose and direction, and her brand is booming and she’s been growing so much, and we kicked ass last night. To be a bit selfish here, I have to say I’m proud of the both of us. I’m always happy reflecting on the fun of selling her stuff with her. Now I can move forward and honestly, I hope I can grow into even half of the artist she is now within the next year. I’m hopeful, but I might need a bit of help myself wherever I can get it to make that happen. I’m a bit rusty, and I know it will go away in time.

Thanks to everyone who came out, stopped and chatted, and listened to my spiel. ‘Til next time!



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