Tim Burton Tribute Collection


This collection was a blast to work on, and was what got me my chops in painting! Edward Scissorhands was the first of the collection, and my first foray into painting on canvas. This movie ranks among my personal favorites of everything Mr. Burton has created. I started this collection in August of 2015. These pieces of art are primarily paint on canvas, with the exception of Jack and Sally, as that one was hand drawn, then colored digitally. Lydia Deetz was painted later on after the first 8 were completed, as I felt that Beetlejuice needed a companion piece to sell with 🙂

I hope you enjoy all of the pieces of this collection, and get yourself a set for yourself and your friends!

  • These pieces are printed on high quality, thick matte Card Stock, and are available as 12.5″x12.5″ Record Size (LP)Prints. These prints come shipped together in a poly bag and carefully packaged flat in a cardboard box.
  • Images may vary in color on screen versus the print, depending on browser and monitor settings.


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